This Walkthrough will show how to create custom Emails/SMS/Alerts for when certain items in the system are triggered. Having good information in these Alerts will help the User understand what is needed from them to accomplish their tasks and in some cases stay in compliance. 


**For these alerts to be sent to Users both Alerts Frequency and Alerts Permission prerequisites need to be completed



Making a Template:


1. Navigate to Settings > Alerts Template > Find the Trigger needing to have a Custom Template input.


2. Select the Type of Alert needing to be updated:

  • Email Alerts: Sent to the Email associated with the Users Account.
  • Alerts/Notifications: Alert when User is logged in utilizing the Icons on Top Right.
  • SMS Alerts: Sent to the Mobile number associated with the Users Account.
    • *For SMS Alerts to be sent a Twilio integration needs to be setup, if this has not been done please reach out to



3. Once a Type of Alert is selected then type in the Alert that is to be sent, the Blue Icons will pull information from the Database to give more information such as the Clients Name, Rehab Name, Facility Name, etc... After adding a template ensure to select Update to save.