To add, edit, or remove a bed, go to the settings tab on your navigation bar and click "Bed Management". 

First you will want to add a room by selecting the "Add/Manage Rooms" button


 From here you can add the "Room Name*" specific to your facility. Make sure to click "Save".

You can delete the bed entirely if it is no longer at your facility by clicking the trashcan, or you can click the pencil icon to mark it as "inactive". 

From the bed management screen you can add a new bed by clicking the "+Add Beds" button in the top right hand corner.

From this screen you can select the room, bed name, a description of the room (such as "bed by the window"), and you can select if the bed is for a female or not. 

Once the bed is added, you can edit it by returning to the main "Bed management" screen and clicking the pencil icon.

From this screen you can edit the name of the bed, if it is a female bed, or the description. You can also change the "Bed Status", Status's are: Available, Under Maintenance, and Inactive.