This walkthrough will show the additional Features and uses of Occupancy showing how to Utilize the Filter and Occupancy Report.




 While assigning beds to your clients you can adjust the list that appears in the "Bed Occupancy" section by filtering out beds that are not needed for viewing. 


1. First, select the "Filter" icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. 

2. Once you click on the Filter Icon a list will appear allowing you to apply filters such as: Rooms, Gender, Bed Status and a date range that will pull the Client that was last Assigned in this Range.

Note: When Selecting Quick Filter it will change automatically, if needing the Date filter enter the Dates and then Select Apply in order to run this Filter.


Occupancy Report:


1. Navigate to Occupancy > Select the Reports Icon.


2. From the Report a Search can be done to change the Calendar to a specific Month or a search for a Room which will pull all beds associated with it. Here you will also be given an option to Print.

Note: You may use the Print feature to 'Print to PDF' in order to download this report to your device.


Search Function:


1. From the Occupancy section you will also be able to Search for Room, Bed, or Client. While typing in this field the view of rooms, beds and clients will shorten to any that match the results.