1.  To obtain a discharge report go to "Reports" in the navigational menu and then to the "Discharge Report" subsection. 

2. This page will appear listing all of your discharged clients' name, gender, home number, the reason for discharge, and discharge date. 

3. If you are looking for one client, in particular, you can refine the list of discharged clients by typing in their name in the text box under the title "Client Name". The list below will be refined according to the letters typed in. 

Or, you can refine your search of discharged clients by the "Reason for Discharge", by selecting a specific 'reason' from the drop-down menu. 

4. To download one discharge report for a specific client select the download icon under the actions column. 

And, depending on your computer the document will appear on your screen to view. 

5.  To download, multiple discharge reports check the boxes next to the client's name and select the red Adobe or red Zip drive icon according to what type of file you want to download.