Go to the "Review Screen" in the navigational menu and then select "Notes Review". 

This section of the software is where you can find a list of all the notes that have been opened by you and your coworkers. These notes are organized by the date as well as list the type of note, who created the note, a description, what kind of appointment, the duration, who signed it and if the signature is complete. This helps you keep track of all notes that have not been signed.

You can also print each note by clicking the printer icon under the actions column as well as edit or delete a note entirely.

*Note, if you do not see any other actions except print, have your rehab admin check your permissions.

***The only notes that can be edited/deleted in Notes Review are Shift Log and Comm Log Notes.

(See below for Progress/Individual/Group)

You can even search for a specific note by entering details into the "Search Criteria" above the queue. Enter the details of the note in the "Details" text box and set the date in the "From" and "To" boxes. The select "Search" and the list will be refined below to your specifications.  

You can do an advanced search by selecting "Advanced Search"  and entering in the name of the client, the staff member, and the type of note. The select "Search" and the list will be refined below to your specifications.

You can also see the actual note you wrote by clicking on the "+" in front of the specific note. 

**** Progress/Individual/Group

To edit Progress Notes, go to the specific clients chart, select notes on the left tab, and edit.

To edit an Individual/Group Session Note, go to the Scheduler or My Calendar (found under Client tab) and right click to edit.