1. Starting in "Settings" go to the subsection "Company Information". 

2. The first section is entitled, "Rehab Information". This is where you keep your facility's 'personal information' and 'contact information'. To edit, add or delete any information select the "Edit" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the section. 

Complete all of the required information (the required fields will have a * next to the names) and select "Update" when complete.

*** the TIME ZONE is a very important field that also needs to be completed. Anything that has a time stamp in the system will refer to this time zone. Be sure your facility's account is in the correct time zones or else the timestamps will be off. 

3. The next section is entitled, "Rehab Facilities". This section is important if you have multiple facilities. You can add each facility in this section with their personal and contact information. 

To edit the facility's info select the pencil icon under the "Action" column.  Edit, change or delete any information. Select "update" when you are finished. 

To add a new facility select the "+ Add New"  Enter in all the required information by typing into the text box below each of the titles. Select "Save" when you have completed adding in all of the required information. 

4. The next section is entitled, "Rehab Contact Person Information", and contains the information about your facility's main contact. To add, edit or delete any of this information select the "edit" icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

Add, edit or delete any of the information in the text boxes by selecting the field and typing in the correct information. Select "update" when you are finished.

5. The next section allows you to choose your facility's level of care and treatments. Do this by checking the boxes next to each "Level of Care" listed below and follow those directions for the "Available Treatments". 

6. The next section is entitled, "Shift Rounds" where you can set the time for rounds according to each facility.

First, select the facility in the drop-down menu.

Next, select the time of each round by selecting the time in the drop-down menu.

Finally, select "Save" when you are finished.

The information will be added to the queue. If you would like to update, change or add a new shift round select, "+ Update Shfit Round" and follow the same instructions. 

7. You can also sign your BAA in this section of the software. To do so, type in the name of your facility and select "Sign". Fill in all other known informaiton and select "save" when you are finished. 

8. In the last part of this section, you can save and store documents. You can search for these documents by typing in the name of the document. 

You can also upload documents here as well. To do this select the upload document icon in the upper right-hand corner. This screen will populate allowing you to select the 'Facility Name', 'Name' of the document and 'Description'.  To upload the specific document select "Browse". Once you have selected the document click "Save" when you are finished.