1. You can either go to "Clients" --> "Client Chart" --> "Notes" --> and then add a new shfit note. 

Or, you can select the shift-note-shortcut by hovering over the orange circle with the plus sign that is located in the bottom left-hand corner of every page and selecting the "Shift Notes" icon.

2.  The 'Shift Notes' screen will populate allowing you to select which round you are creating notes for and a list of all the clients for you to add notes. 

To select the shift go to the drop-down menu entitled 'Shift*' and select from either the 'first', 'second',  or 'third' shift. 

To add a note just go to the "+" icon next to the client you are creating the note for. 

3.  Select the"Priority*" level from the drop-down menu and fill out all necessary information to complete the note. Select "Save" when you are finished. 

4. Repeat 'step 3' and continue to add and save notes to specific clients. 

5. Once you and other staff members have completed all of your notes for that particular shift select "Sign".  

6. Add those who need to review these notes by selecting their names from the list of 'Reviewers'.  Their names will be added to the 'assigned reviewers'. Continue to add the 'Priority*', your 'Pin' or 'Signature', and any last notes you would like to add. 

Select "Save & Sign" when you are finished. 

Make sure all notes are completed when saving and signing the shift notes. Once you have 'Saved & Signed' the shift notes no more notes can be added to that particular shift.