This Walkthrough will show how to Add Shift Notes to Clients and Shift End Notes.

1. Hover over the Purple Plus Icon and Select Add Shift Notes.


1. Navigate to Shifts > Shift Notes.

2. Select Add Shift Notes.


1. Navigate to Client > Client List.

2. Search and Select Client.

3. From Clients Dropdown Select Notes.

4. Select Add New.

5. Select Shift Note.


Adding Shift Notes:

1. Ensure Date and Shift are Correct.(Occupancy as well if Applicable)

2. Select the Plus Icon next to Client.

3. Select Priority and Input Note.

4. Select Save.

Note: Repeat Steps 2 - 4 until all Shift Notes have been Completed for Clients.

5. Select Sign.

6. Select Priority, Input Shift End Note, Assign Reviewers(If Applicable) and Input Signature.

7. Select Save and Sign.


1. Navigate to Home > Scroll down to Shift Note Alerts.