1. To add a Taper Template go to the "Medication" section in the navigational menu and then select the "Meds Taper Templates". 

2. To add a new Taper Template select "+ Add New".

3. First type in the name of the Taper Template. 

    Then, add the different times the patient will take the medication throughout the day by selecting the "+Add Time". 

    To change the time provided by the system select the populated box with the time and use the arrows to select the correct time your client needs to take their medication. 

4. Then add the number of days the medication is prescribed by selecting the "+ Add Days". Keep selecting the "+ Add Days" until you have the correct amount of days the patient will be taking the medication. 

5. Then add the number of pills the client will be taking each of the selected times and days. Enter Zero (0) if no medication is to be given on that particular Day/Time.

    Select "Save" when you have completed adding the number of pills in the Day/Time. 

6. Your Taper Templates will appear while scheduling your client's medication. If your client's medication scheduling aligns with one of your tapers you've created check the "Taper Templates" box, then a drop-down menu will appear where you can select from any of your 'saved' taper templates. 

    Once you've selected which taper template you want the taper schedule will populate below. Finish adding all info necessary for medication scheduling and select "Save" when finished.