1. Under the client tab on the chart you can select the "Medication" button to add new meds.

2.  Once you have selected the medication button you will be brought to the Client Medication section. Click into the search bar under Add Medication and type in the name of the medication you wish to add.

3. As you type in the medication all related medication will appear beneath the search bar. When the medication you are looking for appears select it from the list.  

4. Once you have chosen the correct medication a list of dosages will appear. Select the correct dosage needed.

5. Once you have selected the medication with the correct dosage this page will populate. Here you can correct the dosage and time of day the medication needs to be taken. Here you can also add other information like 'Instructions', 'Duration', and whether it's a 'PRN'.

In order to save the medication correctly and have it appear in Med Management, you must fill in 'Frequency, 'Prescribed Days and Time', and 'Start & Stop Date'

Once you have inputted all medical information select "Save". 

 Once you have saved a medication it will be added here to the list of Scheduled Medications.