1. Go to the "Medication" section in the navigation window and select the "Meds Management" subsection.

2. Once you've selected the "Med Mangement" this screen will appear showing the clients in order of the time of day their medication is scheduled. 

    Find the Client you need to give the med too and select the "Give Now" button under the client's information. 

3.  After you have selected the "Give Now" button this screen will populate allowing you to add all the required information while giving medications. 

     Step 1: the "Vitals" screen is where you can add vital signs, withdrawal symptoms, etc. Fill out this information by typing in the boxes or checking the appropriate boxes. Select 'save and next' when you have completed filling out all the known information. 

    If you don't need to fill in this need to fill in this information just select 'skip' next to the save and cancel buttons. 

    Step 2: the "Medications" screen is where you record if the patient took the medication and how many pills. Do this by typing in the number of pills the client took. Then select "Not Taken", "Taken", or "Refused" according to the client's actions. You can also add notes in the box on the left side of the screen. 

    Select "Next" when you are finished entering in all of the information.

    Step 3: The "Signature" screen is the last and final step for giving medication. First, as a staff, enter your pin or signature on the left side of the screen. Then, have the client sign their name in the box on the right side of the screen. Lastly, as staff, enter the password you use to login to the software. 

    Select "Unlock and Save" once you have completed all required information on this screen. 

4. After this process is complete, the 'Status' next to the client's picture will change to "Taken".