1. To schedule meds: Go to the "Medication" section in the navigational menu and then select the subsection 'Medication Scheduling'. 

2.  Once you have selected 'Medication Scheduling' this screen will appear. The Medication Administration page is divided into two sections. The first section being "Unscheduled Medication" and the second section "Scheduled Medication".
To schedule a med just find the client and the medication that you would like to schedule. Then select the 'calendar icon' under the corresponding 'unscheduled medication'. 

3.  The 'calendar icon' will then take you to this page where you will fill out the details of the medication starting with the Med Count. 

    In the 'Prescribed Meds Count*' box type in the total number of pills in your possession. As the client is given the med this number will go down. 

    Next, if the medication is a narcotic check the box in front of 'Medication is narcotic'.

    Then select and update the start and end date of the medication.

    Now select the 'time of day' you would like the patient to take the medication by clicking on the up and down arrows over the time.

    To add another time to take this medication select "+ Add More" and a new time slot will populate.

    Then check the box next to each day the client is supposed to take the medication. Below the days of the week is a section for any notes regarding the medication. 

    Select "Save" when you have completed this step. 

4.  And finally, the med you just 'saved' will be seen in the 'Scheduled Medication' section of this page.