1. Go to the Client's profile by selecting the client from the dashboard widget,

OR  'Client' in the navigational menu and then "Client List'.  Then select the specific client that is in need of a treatment plan by selecting their picture. 

2. Once you have selected the specific client go to the "Treatment Plan" icon on the top right hand corner of their profile. Select the second to last icon. 


    You can select the "Treatment Plan" subsection under the 'Clients' section of the navigational menu. 

3. Once you are on the Client's Treatment Plan page select the, "+Add New Wiley Treatment Plan" in the top right hand corner. 

4. Step 1: 'Diagnosis'

    Select which Problem Diagnosis you would like to create a treatment plan for by clicking on the circle next to the corresponding 'Problem' and check the box next to the corresponding 'Diagnostic Impression'. 

NOTE: After you have completed a section and the auto-save goes through, the next section will appear below the currently completed one. All you'll have to do is scroll down.

5. Step 2: 'Behavioral Definition' 

    Select the appropriate definition for the Client's diagnosis by checking the boxes in front of the provided definitions.

Note: If you see a red bordering when documenting, it means the system is auto saving. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds and once completed, move to the next step.

    To add a custom definition click on the orange "+ Add" button. A box will populate allowing you to type in the personalized definition into the box. To save you new definition select the 'save' icon on the right side of the populated box.  Select the "X" if you would like to delete your custom definition.

    You can also edit existing definitions by checking the box and then the 'pencil edit' icon on the right-hand side of the page that corresponds to the definition you want to change. Select the 'save' icon when you are finished.  Select the "refresh' icon (the one with the arrows) if you would like to revert back to the original provided definition.

6. Step 3: 'Goal'

    Select which goal is appropriate for the client's diagnosis. Follow the above steps if you want to add a new custom goal or if you want to edit an existing goal. Select "Next" when you are finished adding all of the goals.

7. Step 4: 'Objective'

    Select an 'Objective' that corresponds to the 'Goals' and 'Diagnosis' of the client.  You must add one 'Objective' to each 'Goal' you've added in the previous section. Follow the above steps if you want to add a new custom 'Objective' or if you want to edit an existing 'Objective'. Select "Next" when you have completed selecting the objectives. 


***The "ebt" next to some of the objectives means "evidenced based treatments".

8. Step 5: 'Intervention' 

    Select an 'Intervention' that corresponds to the 'Objective', 'Goals', and 'Diagnosis' of the client. You must add one 'Intervention' to each 'Objective' and 'Goal' you've added in the previous sections. Follow the above steps if you want to add a new custom 'Intervention' or if you want to edit an existing 'Intervention'. Select "Next" when you have completed selecting the objectives.

9. Step 6: 'Completed'

    This page is where you can see the Treatment Plan in it's entirety. If once you have determined that you have completed the treatment plan select "Generate Treatment Plan". 

10.  To finalize the Treatment Plan you will need the 'Start & End Date', 'Client Signature' and the 'Staff's Signature or Pin'. 


    You can also add a 'Status' and 'Wiley Homework' to the client's 'Treatment Plan' by scrolling down to the 'Client Goals' section. This section below will populate above the signature after you've selected Generate Treatment Plan.

    Select  "+ Add Status" and fill in the required information. 

    Then select the homework by clicking on the "+ Add Wiley Homework" or the "+ Add Custom Homework". 

    If you choose to add the Wiley homework this screen will populate allowing you to add pre-created homework assignments. You can find the homework by scrolling down and choosing which homework fits best with your client's treatment plan. If you already know which homework assignment you would like to add type in the homework name into the left hand 'Homework Search Box'. Just select the "+" icon next to the homework you would like to add. 

    Enter in the 'Start and End Date' and then select "Add Homework". 

    Once you have added a homework assignment it will be added to the queue. You can continue to add more homework assignments to this specific goal if you would like. Just follow the above directions again. You can also "edit" the homework assignment by selecting the 'paper and pen edit icon' under the actions column. Or, you can delete an assignment by selecting the 'trash can icon' under the Actions column. 

    Follow these instructions to add other homework to the other goals in the treatment plan. 


    To add a custom homework assignments select "+ Add Custom Homework" and fill in all the required information. You can upload documents as well by selecting "Upload Document". Fill in all the require information and then select "Save" when completed. 

11.  After you are done adding in all of the client's homework you can select "Save". 

    This screen will appear allowing you to 'print' the treatment plan. If you do not want to print the treatment plan at this time just select 'cancel' or the 'x' in the right hand corner of the screen. 

    Your treatment plan will be added to the "Treatment Plan List". You can come back and edit your treatment plan at any time. Just select the 'pencil' icon under the 'Actions' column. To delete the treatment plan select the 'trashcan' icon under the'Actions' column. 

***To convert the treatment plan to a PDF or print to it select the "+" under the 'View' column. 

    It will expand allowing you to select the 'Adobe icon' to convert to a PDF or the 'Printer' icon to print the treatment plan. 

Edit Treatment Plan:

Treatment plans can be completed by clinician before client signature. Use the edit function to go back and add a client signature after reviewing with the client.

The Pencil icon in the Treatment Plan section will allow you to make edits and update, or add client signature, and than Sign And Save.