This Walkthrough will show how to Add Vitals to both a Client, a Prospective Client and when Giving Medication through Meds Management.

Add Vitals to Client:

1. Navigate to Client List.

2. Search and Select Client.

3. Select Add Icon on Vital Info Section.

4. Fill out Vitals and Select Save.

Note: Next Section for Adding Vital to Prospect applies also to Clients Through the Clients Medical Intake Bubble.

Add Vitals to Prospect:

1. Navigate to Prospective Client List.

2. Search Prospect and Select Medical Intake Button.

3. Scroll to Physical Exam and input Vital Information.

Note: This Section will Autosave so nothing else needs to be done.

Adding Vitals with Medication:

1. Navigate to Medication > Meds Management.

2. Select Give Now for Client.

3. Add Vitals and any other Information.

Note: The Medication section can now be finished and no need to Add Vitals through Client Chart.