Group notes consist of two parts. First, the overall group note, and second, the individual note for group members. 

1. Starting on the main Dashboard, select 'Calendar' on the left navigation menu. Then select 'Scheduler'.

2. You can add a group therapy appointment by clicking on the day and time, then adding the appointment to the calendar. Once the group appointment is on the calendar and you are ready to write your group therapy note click the appointment and select 'Add/Edit Note'.

3. Next, the Group Session Note screen will appear. You can add individual notes for each client and select if they attended or not, as well as adding the exact minutes they attended. There is a 25 word minimum for those that attended to full fill insurance requirements.  **Remember** you have the option to use the clinical thesaurus as a reference or any custom templates you have created. Simply click the double arrow button in the note box to have it pop up. 

4. Once you complete the individual notes for the group session, scroll to the bottom to enter the overall 'Group Note' and any other applicable information. Then click 'Save & Sign'. You can also add any reviewers to sign off on your notes by simply clicking their name.