1. Go to "Prospective" and then "Prospective Client List". Once there select the third icon from the left in the 'Actions' column entitled "Face to Face". 

2. You will then be taken to the "Face to Face" page where you will be able to enter in all known information of the prospective client starting with the intake time and dates. Once done selecting the dates and entering in the time select "save".   

3. You can edit any personal information about the client by selecting the "Edit" icon in the top right hand corner of the 'Demographics' and Other Information' sections of this page. 

4. The next information you can fill out is the "ROI Contacts" by selecting "+ Add New".

 As you enter in each of the ROI Contact's information by typing in the following information or selecting from the drop down menus and select "Save" when you are finished. 

After you select "Save" an electronic signature will pop-up for the client to sign. Select save when the client's signature is complete. 

The new "ROI Contact" will then be added to the list. 

5. The next section staff can fill out is the "Testing Analysis" of a "Urinary Order" (UA) or "Breathalyzer Order" (BA). Select "+Add New" if you want to add the following information. 

Once you've selected "+Add New" this new page will generate. The "Urinary Order" form is already populated and to add the test results select "+Add Template". 

A new page will generate where you can just add the test results to the already existing template by clicking on the correct "Variables" below. 

If you would like to edit the already existing template just delete, type and adjust what you need in this section of the screen. 

And "Append & Close" or "Append & Multiple" when you are finished. 

To Add a "BO" the only difference is to select the "BO" bottom on your screen and then follow the same instructions for the "UO". 

Once you have added the known information to the template you will then be taken to the first page where you can assign certain staff to the confirmation process by selecting their names in the left "Signers" section and it will appear in the right "Assigned Office Staff" section. Then select "Save & Sign". 

Then enter your pin or electronic signature and select "Verify". 

6. To add an insurance company for the prospective client select "+Add New". 

and then fill out all known information by either typing in the information or selecting something from our drop down menus. Select "Save" when done. 

Once you have selected "save" this insurance will be added to the queue. You can go back and add as many insurance company's as the client has by selecting "+ Add New" and repeating the above instructions. Or you can go back and edit any existing information on the insurance companies by clicking on the pencil "Edit" icon. 

7. Last section of the "Face to Face" section of the software is the prospective client's "Occupation" information. If you would like to add information to this section just select "Edit" and fill out all known information by either typing in in the information or selecting from our drop down menus. When you are done select "Save". 

8. Lastly when you are done filling out all information select "Save and Assign" at the bottom of your screen. 

Once you have selected "Save and Assign" the electronic signature page will populate. Where you can sign it by using your pin or signature. After you add notes you can select "Save and Assign".   

9. On the main "Prospective Client List" page the icon corresponding to the "Face to Face" section will turn green signifying that you have entered/completed the information in that section. The progress you've made will also be added to the "Progress" column.