1. Go to the "Prospective" section on the navigation tab and then select "Prospective Clients". Once there select the "Admission's Intake" icon under the Actions column. 

2. First, start by entering in the 'Intake Time' and then select "Save" when done. 

3. Next, select the "Edit" icon to add information in the "Other Information" section. 

4. Add in all known information and then click "Save". 

5. For the "Substance Abuse" section after adding all of the information the substance will be added to the list below after clicking on "Save". 

6. Follow the above information for the next section "Previous Treatment". All information saved in this section will appear in the list below

7. Select the "Edit" icon to add information on the next sections "Medical Info", "Behavioral/Emotional Status", and "Legal Issues" and select "save" when done. 

8. Once you are done adding in all known information click on "Save & Assign" which save all of the information you just inputted.