1. Go to "Prospective" in the navigation menu and select "Prospective Client List"

2. Once there select which prospective client you want to convert into a new client by selecting the "Convert to Client" icon under the 'Actions' column of the corresponding client. 

3. After selecting the 'convert to client' this screen will appear and if you would like to move forward click "ok"

4. Once you have selected "ok" it will then take you through the "Admission Checklist" or the necessary forms that your company has selected for a new client to be added to your program (the amount of forms vary depending on your company requirements). Once you have finished each step click on the "Save & Next" button.

5. After selecting "Save & Next" a pop-up electronic signature screen will appear where the intake staff and new client can add their signature. To re-do any signatures just click on the circular arrows next to the corresponding box and you will be able to recreate your signature. Once you have received both signatures select the "Click Here After Signature" to continue. 

6. This will then lead you to the next form. Fill out all the necessary information to continue onto "Step 3: Patient Rights", "Step 4: Waiver of Liability", etc.  

7. The electronic signature screen will then populate after every form that is filled out. Continue to complete the "Step 3: Patient Rights", "Step 4: Waiver of Liability", "Step 5", "Step 6", etc. (the amount of forms will depend on how many your company requires for admission). 

8. Once all of the forms and signatures are acquired the following screen will populate allowing you to see all of the finished forms and to add the new client by clicking "Convert To Client". This new client will then be added to you the "Client List" section and will appear in the queue.