This walkthrough will show how to add both Wiley and Custom Homework for a Client.



Adding Homework:


1. Navigate to Clients > Client List > Select the Client Homework is being assigned to.


2. After the Clients Dropdown expands Select Homework then choose to add Wiley Homework or Adding Custom.



Option #1: Wiley Homework


1. Scroll or Use the Search until Wiley Homework is Found and then Select by Clicking the Plus Icon.


2. Select a Start Date and End Date to Complete the Homework and Select Add Homework.



Option #2: Custom Homework


1. Select a Diagnostic Impression linked to the Clients Diagnosis and fill out all fields. A Document may be added to this homework as well and then Select Save.

 Note: Homework may also be entered when Generating a Treatment Plan with the same options and workflow as here.