1. Starting from the main Dashboard, expand 'Settings' on the left navigation menu. Scroll down and select 'Incident Report'.

2. Once on the 'Incident List' screen, select 'Add New' in the upper right corner. 

3. Next, the 'Incident Report' screen will appear. The first couple of sections of the incident report include times of the incident and the amount of time the incident took place. Then, you'll use the orange drop-down menu to choose the client or clients that were involved in the incident. Fill in the remaining information on the incident in each specific text box. 

Next, fill in the description of the incident under the "Description of Incident" section.  This text box is large enough to where you can add a paragraph of information as well as a facility-specific format. 

Lastly, add additional information that your facility requires like, the specific description of the client's involvement, who was notified and when, etc. 

Again, any orange bar that you see in the Incident Report is a drop-down menu of the clients or staff.  You can even search their name in the search bar provided.

4. Select "Save" if you want to come back and keep adding information to the "Incident Report" or if you are finished filling in all of your information select "Save & Sign". Then, type in your pin or your signature and select save.