**Please note: Do not add Medical Providers from User Management


This Article will provide a walkthrough on how to give access for a Medical Provider to your EMR. It will give a step-by-step breakdown on finding existing providers within our system and adding new providers.

Locate Medical Provider Settings

  • Starting on the Main Dashboard, select Settings > Medical Provider on the left navigation menu. 

Determine if your Medical Provider Already has a Medical Provider Account.

  • Use the Medical Providers List to search the Medical Provider name.
  • If there is an existing profile. Simply select the Assign to Rehab Button.

  • After selecting Assign to Rehab, you will be prompted to enter the Medical Providers email address. Make sure to input the same email found in the Medical Providers List.

Add New Medical Provider

  • If the Medical Provider does not show up on the Medical Providers List, you'll need to Add A New Medical Provider.
  • Select the Add User Button at the top right of the Screen and Fill in all required information and click Save.
  • Once this is complete it will send the Medical Provider an email walking them through setting up a Password and Security question.

Setting up E-prescribe access for Medical Providers

One benefit of setting your Medical Providers up in Alleva is the E-Prescribe functionality. Please keep in mind, E-Prescribe access comes at an additional Per-User Rate. Follow these steps if you'd like to set up your Medical Provider with E-Prescribe access.

  • First, Gather the following information from the Medical Provider.
    • Full Name


      Date of Birth

      Email Address



      DEA #

      NPI #

  • Then send your request to us at Support@helloalleva.com

  • Once we've received the request to add E-Prescribe Functionality, we will have our Sales Team reach out to add an E-Prescribe Addendum for the new user, and we will add them to the system.