1. Starting on the 'Client Dashboard', select the client's chart you are adding the Progress Note too. 

Or, from anywhere in your screen hover your mouse over the orange circle with the plus sign and select "Progress Note" and it will lead you directly to the note where you can start filling out the information immediately. Just make sure you select which client this note is referring too. 

2. Next, Select 'Notes' under the "Clients" subsection in the navigational menu.

3.  The 'Note List' will populate allowing you to add any type of note our software offers as well as look up any note in our software.

Select, "+ Add New" and then select "Progress Note" from the drop-down menu. 

4. Next, fill out all required information in the 'Progress Note', including the selection of the treatment plan goals addressed during the session or related to the note.

When your information is filled out and your note has been written you can select other employees who need to review this note by selecting their name in the "Reviewers" section. Select "Add" or "Save & Sign". 

5. Once the Progress Note is signed, you will see a green 'Saved Successfully' alert on the top right of the screen. Done!