This Summary will show how to Discharge a Client.



Navigate to Discharge Planning:


1. Navigate to Client List, Search and Select a Client Chart.


2. Select either the Discharge Planning or Set Status to Discharged.


Discharging Client:


1. Select the Edit Icon and Input information for the Discharge/Transfer Section.

Note: In order to Discharge at least one Completed Version needs to show in Discharge/Transfer Section. In order for this to be Completed information needs to be input including the Anticipated Discharge Date. All Versions will show at the Top and you can view by selecting the Print Icon or Download as PDF.


2. Assign any Reviewers and Select Save.


3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for Discharge Summary Section. This section is optional and not required prior to Discharge.


4. Complete All Discharge Checklist Items and Select Discharge Client.


5. Select Keep Therapies or Suspend Therapies for all Future Sessions associated with the Client in the Scheduler. If Keep Therapies is Selected then the Discharged Client will continue to show in any Future Sessions including Reoccurring Sessions. Suspend will Remove the Client From any Group Sessions and Remove any Individual Sessions in Scheduler


6. Select whether to Send Survey to Client.