From your "Clients" tab select which client you would like to discharge by clicking on their chart and select the "Discharge Planning" option from the left side blue menu.  From this screen complete all required steps of the discharge. Make sure a plan has been created in the "Discharge Planning" Tab, as it is required for discharge. The "Discharge Summary" tab is optional, and depends on your company policy for completion.Then select the "Discharge Checklist" tab to complete final steps. 

Any of the forms that you have selected in the "Discharge Checklist" from the settings will be displayed here.  You can change them at any time by simply going to the "Settings" tab from your navigation window and selecting "Discharge Checklist". You can update, sign, and save the forms here prior to discharging the client.  The client will not be officially discharged until you select the green "Discharge Client" button, highlighted below. 

When you select to discharge the client it will ask you if you want to "keep future therapies".  This is referring to any scheduled therapy sessions in the calendar that this client is scheduled for.  You can keep them on the calendar or suspend them.