This walkthrough will show you how to add Group Therapy to the Calendar. These steps are consistent with adding an individual session. Here's an article explaining how to add an individual appointment.

Add Individual Appointment 

Adding Group Therapy:

Starting on the Dashboard, select 'Calendar' and then "Scheduler" on the left side navigation menu.

Click on the desired day or time slot and Select "Group Session".

Ensure not to select the "All Day" option.

Next, the 'Add Group Session' pop up will appear. Fill out all required Information, required fields are listed with a '*' by the description.

You can add clients from multiple facilities by selecting the desired facility from the drop down menu shown below. The clients from the selected facilitie(s) will then appear in the 'Clients' drop down menu.

Finish filling out all required information, including marking the 'Recurring', 'Rec Therapy', or 'Video Session' box towards the bottom of the screen to set up these types of sessions, if applicable. Click 'Save' at the bottom.

If added successfully, you will be taken back to the calendar and a green 'Saved Successfully' alert will appear in the top right corner. Done!