Go to "Settings" then to "User Management". Here you will see a list of all of your current Users.  

You will see you have four options under the "Action" column for each user.  

  • Select the  icon under the Actions column to reset a users password or security question.  
  • Select the  icons to edit or view the user profile.  
  • Select the  icon to block a specific user from a specific chart

To add a new user select "New User" in the top right hand corner of the screen:

You can then add your users information.  Name, email, phone number, and role are required fields. ** Remember, the role was defined in Role Management**

You can then assign this user to a supervisor by checking the box. You can allow this user to have permission to provide HIPAA compliant video conferencing. You also can assign this user as a primary clinician, case manager, rec therapist, or therapist. By checking one of these boxes it will allow you to assign charts to this user.