In the Role Management page, you will be able to create and update Roles within the company and what permissions these Role will have within the software.

1. You can create a new role at any time. From anywhere in the system, Click on "Role Management" in the navigational menu and in the subsection of "Settings".

2. Simply click on the "Add new" button in the right corner and that will take you to a new page where you can enter the role name, a brief description of the role, and set up the specific permissions.

3. Fill out the Name, Description, and permissions for this new role, then click one of the save buttons. Done!

4. If a role exists that fits the description of this new group but you want to change it to a more appropriate name for their role, you can also edit an existing role by clicking on the pencil to the right of each role.

*QUICK TIP* You can use the small black bar at the bottom of the Permissions window to scroll right and adjust the settings for each permission.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permissions:

Question - I want to give our Director full control over all the permissions, what do I select in the Role Management? 

Answer - You would select All. This gives your Director access to all permissions for each category.

Question - I only want the general staff to View Client Charts, but make no changes, what permission would I use? 

Answer - You can select View and they will not be able to make any changes within the Client's Charts.

Question - What permission do I choose for my staff to add a Prospect or Client?

Answer - Add would be the permission to use.

Question - My receptionist needs to be able to client contact information, what permission is that? Answer -  You need to give your receptionist permission to Edit.

Question - Our Therapist need to remove some sessions from the scheduler, what permission do I need to enable for them to do that?

Answer -  You would enable the Delete permission for them.

Question - What do I need to enable in order to export reports?
Answer - You need to allow Download Report in order to export reports.

Question - How do i allow my therapists to add notes to sessions?

Answer - You need to enable Add/Edit Note for their Role.

Question - One of our Users cannot see who is assigned to a Pending Review, what permission to I add their role to se that?

Answer - You would check the Pending Review.

Question - Our BPS was signed off but we need to make some changes on it and resubmit it, what permissions does our staff need?

Answer - You would choose Unlock Intake.